What is ‘Quality First’ teaching from our private tutors at Discover Learning?

Here at Discover Learning we are confident that we are unique in our delivery of ‘Quality First’ education. As our private tutors are UK trained teachers, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide high quality education for your child. So what is ‘Quality First’ tutoring?

At Discover Learning, implementing ‘Quality First’ school tutoring means designing highly focused private tutor lessons, with clear and precise objectives, which are tailored to the needs of your child. This is primarily evident in your child’s ‘Discover Learning Plan,’ which is regularly reviewed and updated by your child’s private tutor. Ultimately, your child is aware of their targets and understands how they can be achieved. They are aware of the steps to their success and this boost their confidence in their learning ability.

Moreover, our lessons demand a high level of pupil involvement, ensuring that your child is engaged in their learning at all times. Our private tutors achieve this through lively, interactive and kinaesthetic learning; a ‘hands on’ learning style which makes learning a fun and memorable experience. Our private tutors use a wide range of visual resources, some of which are utilised in many Australian schools. Our children thoroughly enjoy active learning in both literacy and numeracy. Our private tutors prepare lessons, where our children can engage in practical work, investigations and problem solving on a daily basis. Ensuring that our lessons are fun and exciting is crucial to helping our children learn. It is important that children have interactive activities to learn with, as opposed to pencil and paper!

Furthermore, we support the development of your child as an autonomous learner, which is another aspect of our ‘Quality First’ teaching. This essentially means that children take responsibility for their learning and are aware of their progress. In a nurturing and stimulating learning environment, our private tutors foster trusting and positive relationships, building your child’s confidence to be vocal about their learning and have their ideas listened to. We encourage your child to ask questions and be curious. Learning through dialogue is key to a child’s development, as your child is constantly recalling knowledge, and learning how to explain their understanding.

Our private tutors offer ample opportunities for your child to self-reflect, allowing your child to underpin areas in which they have been successful, and equally identify how they could make improvements to their work. Being able to self-reflect is an an important life skill, which our children learn from a young age. At Discover Learning, our children can learn from mistakes in a supportive environment, and this is undoubtedly a vital part of their learning and development.

In a nutshell, ‘Quality First’ tutoring with a private tutor is personalised learning in a productive and stimulating learning environment. Here at Discover Learning, our children are inquisitive, confident, independent learners, who have a real love for learning! If you’re looking for tutoring Bondi Junction, give our private tutors a call.



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