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Suite 501, Level 5, 55 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction

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Tuesday 6th July - Friday 9th July 9am-3pm.

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Half price 30 minute initial assessment

Is Your Child School Ready?

Join us at Discover Learning Australia, Bondi Junction for our fun and engaging School Readiness Taster Sessions.

Your child will be introduced to fun-filled, hands-on activities that assist to develop fine motor control and expose them to foundational literacy and numeracy concepts.

Each 1:1 taster session will run for approximately 30 minutes, where we will assess your child’s physical, cognitive and language skills. We will also provide feedback regarding your child’s learning outcomes.

Each child will receive a School Readiness gift bag and be in with a chance of winning our School Readiness hamper!

1:1 Bookings can be made online and are essential for securing your child’s spot.

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Our Activities


Develop fine motor control and coordination - get your child ready for writing!


An introduction to counting using numicon – develop your child’s confidence with numbers!


An introduction to letter formation through line and pattern making – get your child ready to read!

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Tuesday 6th July - Friday 9th July

One child per session

Discover Our School Readiness Program

Is your child going to ‘big school’ next year? Or do you simply want to give your child a head start?

Whether your child is in preschool, day care or at home, transitioning to Kindergarten can be a challenging time for you and your child. Chances are, your little one has already begun the transition to Kindergarten. Our School Readiness Program is designed to support, consolidate and extend this learning to ensure your child starts Kindergarten happy and confident.

Your child will be taught by an experienced Early Childhood and Primary Teacher. They will ensure your child has achieved all the early learning outcomes, before focusing on the foundational literacy and numeracy skills that will be taught in Kindergarten.


Children aged 3-4 years

Initial letter sounds

Enjoy listening to and recounting stories

Understand the relationship between numbers and objects

Recognise and identify numbers 1-10

Hold crayon with fingers and begin to develop fine motor skills

Use scissors with safety and control

Children aged 4-5 years

Segment and blend Phase 2 CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant e.g. can)

Learn to form letters correctly

Begin to read magic words and read Level 1-3 books

Recognise and identify numbers 1-20

Identify ‘Friends of 10’ using numicon

Develop correct pincer grip

Advanced learners

Segment and blend Phase 3 words, introducing – digraphs (ee), trigraphs (igh), split digraphs (a-e)

Use letter sounds to write CVC words Sequence and retell story events using picture cards

Add two numbers using numicon

Count backwards from a given number between 0-20

Create patterns using physical objects

“An early focus on literacy and numeracy makes sure that your child has an essential head start in life. Discover Learning has highly qualified staff that assess your child’s needs and develop an individual learning plan. They provide excellent feedback and continually review the plan based on your child’s development. I noted immediate improvement in my son’s abilities and confidence, but most importantly he loves going to the classes because they make learning fun.”

Dr. Caitlin Richards (Preschool, The Scots College)

Dr. Caitlin Richards (Preschool, The Scots College)

Now taking Enrolments for Term 2 2022!

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