Our Top Educational Apps from our Primary Tutoring Centre

Our Top Educational Apps from our Primary Tutoring Centre

There are many primary school apps available today that have educational value for primary school children. Such apps can impact positively on your child’s confidence and progress in their target areas. At our Education and Tutoring centre, our children love to challenge themselves using our educational apps! As we provide tutoring that is interactive and hands-on, we have noted the benefits of using educational apps for learning in primary school.

Benefits of using educational apps from our tutoring centre:

  • Track your child’s progress: With some apps, you can track your children’s progress which is one of the important things that every parent wants to know. Along with the progress, you can visualize how each app is helping your children to improve their skills such as reading, maths and much more.
  • Children learn without realising it: Using educational apps at home means that children can learn while having fun and the best part is that they are unaware just how much they are learning. Education apps can contribute to accelerated progress in school.
  • Portability: Children can learn anywhere! You can easily use apps in the car etc, and learning is not confined to the classroom.

At our Education and Tutoring Centre, we have compiled our favourite educational apps that we recommend for your child at home!

1. Quick Maths (Years 1-6)

This fantastic app allows your primary school child to practise the four operations (+, -, x, ¸). Your child can choose their own level and track their own progress, moving on to the next level when they feel confident and ready to do so. This app targets mental recall which is crucial in all aspects of mathematics! At our tutoring centre, our children really enjoy trying to beat their previous score!

Price: $4.49


2. Spelling Shed (Years 1-6)

This engaging app is superb for practising spellings. Primary school children can choose their own level and challenge themselves to recall spellings and beat their high score each time! Spelling is essential throughout primary school, so why not give this fun spelling app a try? It i a real hit at our tutoring centre!

Price $2.99


3. Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids (Kindergarten)

This tracing app is designed to help primary school children with their letter formation (both capital and lower case). It encourages young children to start using their index finger and develop their fine motor skills from an early age. This app provides excellent guidance in forming letters and increases hand-eye coordination. There is also a further option to practise number, shape formation and various three and four letter words. At our tutoring centre, our kindergarten and primary children enjoy practising and tracing their letters!

Price: $0.99


4. Inference Ace (Years 3-6)

Comprehension can be a challenging aspect of literacy for some primary school children. If your child struggles with inferential questions, then this app is perfect for you! In primary school, children are encouraged to read and answer inferential questions, choosing from a multiple choice. This will help build your child’s confidence in reading between the lines! We use this app in our tutoring centre to help children learn how to answer inferential questions without even realising they are learning!

Price: FREE


At Discover Learning, we provide tutoring that incorporates interactive learning. Our primary school children really enjoy using educational apps at the end of a lesson to consolidate and extend their learning!

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