Your Child’s Initial Assessment

Your Child’s Initial Assessment

Welcome to Discover Learning!

1. Getting to know YOU

We introduce your child to the heart of the Discover Learning family – our inspiring teachers. To ensure your child feels relaxed and comfortable, we spend time getting to know them as an individual, understanding their interests and learning styles through fun, interactive activities.

2. Reaching YOUR potential

Now that your child is more familiar with Discover Learning, we carry out a comprehensive assessment (duration 1 hour) to identify any ‘gaps’ in learning and/or barriers to learning. ‘Filling these gaps’ and overcoming any barriers to learning will boost your child’s confidence, enabling them to reach their full potential as an independent learner.

3. There’s only one YOU

You will then receive your child’s personalised Discover Learning Plan, which is regularly reviewed and updated. Assessment is a continuous process at Discover Learning and we ensure your child is fully involved. This empowers them to reflect and accept responsibility for their learning, inspiring them to hit their personalised learning targets.

What happens next?

4. Hitting YOUR targets

Now it’s time for your child to begin their Discover Learning journey, start aiming for their targets and most importantly, have fun while doing it! All our lessons follow the outcomes in the Early Years Framework and Australian Curriculum and strike the perfect balance between interactive and tailored learning. They are designed to support, consolidate and extend your child’s knowledge and skills both from and beyond the classroom.

5. Love YOUR learning

‘Quality First’ teaching is at the heart of what we do.

  • A Discover Learning Plan with clear objectives that are shared with you and your child, ensuring that you are always kept up to date with your child’s progress.
  • Innovative and interactive teaching techniques, making maximum use of visual and kinaesthetic learning and prioritizing your child’s preferred learning style.
  • High demands of involvement and engagement, involving your child directly in the learning process, using effective questioning rather than explaining.

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