Are you seeking a private tutor or group tuition?

Provides your child with their personalised ‘Discover Learning Plan’

Identifies any barriers and/or ‘gaps’ in learning

Consolidates concepts learnt in the classroom

Extends learning beyond the classroom

Boosts your child’s confidence

Instils a positive attitude and love for learning

We are qualified teachers with real classroom experience.

We value professional development and are continuously training and employing innovative teaching techniques.

We believe in order for your child to make accelerated progress, their teacher must be consistent.

We provide contemporary learning environments that mimic the classroom setting.

We use the latest resources that are used throughout Sydney schools.

We pride ourselves in the additional services we provide, such as:

Weekly lesson notes and photographs of your child ‘learning in action’
Communicating directly with your child’s school teacher
Progress meetings

“My two boys have been attending Discover Learning since June 2016 for Maths and English. Natalie is a gifted teacher who manages to teach complicated concepts in fun and exciting ways. Her hands on approach to learning ensure that the boys are not only learning but retaining what they learn and applying it to their school work. ‘Natalie is the only teacher that allows me to enjoy learning’, states the 9-year-old. Natalie’s clever rewards program for excellence in work is also a big hit with the 6-year-old, ensuring that the boys are enthusiastic to attend on a weekly basis to reach their own personal goals. I am most grateful for Natalie’s ability to instill a love of learning in my boys.”

Fiona (Year 1 & Year 4, The Scots College)

Fiona (Year 1 & Year 4, The Scots College)