Primary School Tutoring – Our Top 6 Homework Tips

Primary School Tutoring – Our Top 6 Homework Tips

After a long day at primary school, it is without a doubt difficult for primary children to muster up the energy to start their homework. However, there is no denying that homework can be beneficial for your child, as it helps to consolidate what has been learnt that day in school. It is a useful indicator for primary teachers to see whether or not your child has understood what they are learning in primary school. It is therefore important that parents understand that homework is designed to help their children progress, and not something that parents are responsible for completing. At our tutoring centre, we provide support with homework, holding our very own homework club!

Top 5 benefits of homework from our tutoring centre:

  • teaches primary school children time management skills.
  • teaches children how to work independently in.
  • encourages children to take responsibility for their learning in primary school.
  • allows children to revisit material they have learnt that day.
  • allows parents to see what their children are learning in primary school.

At our Education and Tutoring Centre, we believe there are a few things our primary school children need in order to make homework time productive and beneficial.

1. Set up a homework area in your home. Similar to our tutoring centre, primary school children need a well-lit space where they can complete their homework. Supplying them with the essential stationary, e.g. paper, pencils, glue, scissors etc., your child should feel motivated and eager to work! Come and check out the resources at our tutoring centre for some ideas!

2. Make sure there are minimal distractions. A quiet area to work is essential for enabling your child to concentrate and maintain their focus. This means no TV until all homework has been completed!

3. Keep your brain fuelled. Healthy snacks are important to ensure that your child maintains their focus throughout their home work tasks. At our tutoring centre, we always keep are snack station full of snacks to help our children concentrate on their learning!

4. Make sure your child completes their own work. The only way to learn is by making mistakes and children need to do this for themselves. In our tutoring lessons, our teachers value mistakes as an important factor for children’s learning.

5. Help your child plan out their homework. There are many ways you can direct your child in their learning, without giving them all the answers. Encourage your child to break up their workload into manageable chunks. Don’t forget to allow them to have a 15 minute break every hour! Primary school children need time to recharge too!

6. Praise your child’s work and efforts. Primary school children need to be rewarded when they have worked hard on their homework. Praising and rewarding them will encourage your child to keep up their brilliant work ethic. At our tutoring centre, our kids receive stamps and stickers on their reward charts for their hard work!

At our Education and Tutoring Centre, we promote all of the above tips. We know how hard it is after a day at school, for primary children to focus. However, in a comfortable and stimulating environment, without any distractions, our primary children are very productive. If you need any advice on how to manage to homework, come have a look at how it’s done at our Education and Tutoring centre!



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