Laughter the Elixir of Life

Laughter the Elixir of Life

Perspective gives life endless ways to be perceived and (as I’m sure we are all guilty of), I often find myself living with my serious glasses on. Now don’t get me wrong, there are things on our planet that we must take seriously for sure; deforestation, the volume of plastic filling our oceans and who came first, the chicken or the egg?

Therefore educating the generations of our future is a serious job. 

But who wants to listen to a boring Boris, especially when you’re 5 or 6, or even when you’ve hit the 4 0. Many of you will remember that one teacher who bored you senseless, but I can guarantee you won’t recall what they said or quite frankly what they were even teaching. That’s why at Discover Learning, we utilise your children’s interests and imaginative minds to our advantage. Whether it’s mastering the Moon landing on a Monday; travelling through time on a Thursday or sailing to SockywockyDooDah on a Saturday! These journeys are powered by giggles and fuelled by fun. 

We aim to create lessons to allow children to foster their creativity – as you are at your most creative when in a relaxed, happy state of mind. Creativity optimises learning capacity and ensures that children are engaged for the entire lesson. Mr Albert Einstein himself, the legend believed that, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Want to take a look at some of the creativity in action? Have a browse through our Learning in Action page.

Whilst your children’s enjoyment levels are increasing, so is their retention.

In fact, a study supported this claim stating that, laughter improves retention within an educational setting (Banas et al, 2015). That’s one of the reasons why at Discover Learning, we focus on engaging your children’s learning through laughter and fun! Teaching children to develop and retain fundamental skills for life. 

Laughter is the elixir of life, the secret to living with a light heart to keep you young forever.

Laughter lines tell a story so it’s best we start early… 

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